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Brand story and philosophy of Micro Skates:
Micro Brand was established in 1996 at Zurich, Switzerland. Since 2002, Micro Brand started their product development on inline skate – Micro Skate. Focusing on the best quality and greater innovation, Micro Skates became famous quickly in the inline skating industry.
Micro Skate is defined by its quality which has been produced with an excellent quality control and product optimisation.

As many top class and famous brands, Micro Skates combined their functional and aesthetical design. The Aims set are to optimize the visual impression and the experience of product fitting.
With the cooperation in product invention by our top skilful Skaters and Engineers, Micro Skates has completed professional product lines to serve the world market. Thanks to the team having more than 20 years’ experience of product development with scientific knowledge and behaviour the company can continue on this goal.
Our best and durable product lines have been made using the high standard equipment and using modern manufacturing methods. During manufacturing, online production testing is done continuously so that the final product will be perfect.

Besides product creation, Micro Skates promotes a happy and passionate sporting atmosphere. Letting people have fun anytime they skate in their life.

While we develop Micro Skate and related accessories, we have five essential elements that we always keep in mind:
– We use high quality raw materials on production. These materials include soft parts, plastic and metal parts. We choose to never to use recycled material as this may reduce the quality..
– Full Product lines have passed International safety requirements, Swiss way, Swiss Quality!
– We keep reinvesting and working on product innovation, when you purchase Micro products, you are gaining one of kind product and are supporting our sports inventors!
– All skate designs are ergonomically in mind according to international standards.
– All Micro Skates products are created to provide comfort and perfect fitting, greatly reducing time and skill to pick up it.
Thank you again for choosing Micro Skates. Your support is making skating an even better sport.

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